Erik Levy

Founder & President

Work: (617) 714-1561
Mobile: (617) 365-6568

Erik founded Save That Stuff in July 1990. Drawing from his broad experience in a variety of family-owned retail businesses, Erik takes a highly collaborative and pragmatic approach, working with clients to develop recycling programs that meet their unique needs. Fully involved in all aspects of his business, Erik truly lives his company’s mission “To provide cost-effective and environmentally aware alternatives to traditional waste disposal,” with active community involvement, as well. Acknowledged as a local thought leader in recycling, he has been featured in Rolling Stone, in the Marketplace section of Wall Street Journal, and most recently in a feature for Fox Morning News.

Adam Mitchell

Major Account Representative & Partner

Work: (617) 714-1563
Mobile: (617) 593-7086

Adam joined Save That Stuff in 2000 and was named partner in 2006. A veteran recycler, Adam launched his career in 1988. He spent the 1990’s in New York City, first as a consultant with the Sanitation Department, and later as Vice President with Eastern Waste Services (EWS). Over the past 8 years, Adam has diversified Save That Stuff’s business line to include the collection of office paper, organic waste, and co-mingled containers. Adam is recognized regionally as an innovator in setting up sustainable waste recycling collection systems.

Wayne Dion

Plant Manager

Work: (617) 714-1564
Mobile: (617) 592-5024

Wayne joined Save That Stuff in 2004. Wayne began as dispatcher for MJ Connolly and Sons, managing a 400 ton per day solid waste transfer station and a fleet of ten trucks. When USA Waste Services Inc. purchased Connolly and Sons, Wayne was promoted to Operations Manager, and then became a dispatcher for the nation’s largest solid waste management company when Waste Management Inc. merged with USA Waste Services. Wayne subsequently joined DeLory Contracting as Roll-off Division Manager and Maintenance Manager. As Save That Stuff’s Plant Manager, Wayne works to improve the company’s fleet maintenance program and daily operations at our MRF.

Tony Martocchio

Hauling Operations Manager

Work: (617) 714-1564
Mobile: (857) 301-1384

Tony Martocchio

Tony joined Save That Stuff in 2015. Tony has over 24 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry – he has worked as an Operations Manager and Supervisor with Casella, Republic Services, JRM, Waste Management, and Laidlaw.With a focus on increasing efficiency and route optimization, Tony supervises drivers and helpers and manages the Save That Stuff truck fleet. He focuses on improving Save That Stuff’s driver training and dispatching capacity.

Lisa Castronova

Customer Service & Operations Support

Work: (617) 714-1565
Mobile: (617) 365-6548

Lisa joined Save That Stuff in 2012. Previously, Lisa worked for thirteen years for Waste Management as an Assistant Operations Manager and Outside Sales Consultant. At Save That Stuff, Lisa is responsible for managing pickup scheduling, our “Haul or Call” program, driver check-ins, and billing using our TRUX management software.

Elli Blaine

Accounts Manager & Sustainability Consultant

Work: (617) 714-1566
Mobile: (857) 248-8725

Elli joined Save That Stuff in 2013. She previously worked with MIT and the United Nations Development Programme supporting the creation of waste-based enterprises in Nicaragua and Panama. She is a member of the Building Operators and Managers Association (BOMA), sitting on both BOMA’s Sustainability Committee and Emerging Professionals Committee, and is studying to become a LEED GA.

Joel Dashnaw

Territory Manager & Sales Representative

Work:  (617) 714-1564


Paula Rhoades

Accounts Payable & Bookkeeper

Work: (617) 714-1565
Mobile: n/a

Chuck Gennari

Chief Financial Officer

Work: (617) 714-1567
Mobile: (508) 954-9592

Chuck Gennari


Rear-Load Containers

95 Gallon – Wheeled Cart

Width 2’4″, Height 3’10”, Depth 2’11”
Will hold 95 gallons or 4 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.





2 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 3’10”
Will hold 400 gallons or 20 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






4 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 7’10”
Will hold 800 gallons or 40 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






6 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 10’11”
Will hold 1200 gallons or 60 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






8 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 13’10”
Will hold 1600 gallons or 80 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.


Front-Load Containers

 2 Yard Box 

2 yd box






4 Yard Box

4 yd box






4 Yard Slant


4 yd slant






6 Yard Box

6 yd box






6 Yard Slant

6 yd slant






8 Yard Box

8 yd box






8 Yard Slant

8 yd slant






10 Yard Slant

10 yd slant

Food Carts

68 Gallon – Wheeled Cart

Food Tote


96 Gallon – Wheeled Carts

Paper Tote


Comingle Tote

Open Top - Roll Offs

14 Yard

Roll off 14

20 Yard

Roll off 20

30 Yard

Roll off 30

40 Yard

Roll off 40




We install full-size & low-profile vertical balers.



Storage Trailers

Storage Trailer



Box Truck

Box Truck