Save That Stuff, Inc. takes our role as corporate citizens very seriously, and we try to use the resources at our disposal to have a positive impact within our community. In order to maximize that impact, we focus our philanthropy in three areas consistent with our mission and our core values:

  • The environment
  • Healthy communities
  • Safe, healthy kids and families


We give cash, as well as in-kind services, to a number of local organizations working in these mission areas. Some of our valued beneficiaries include:


 South Boston Boys and Girls Club

 The Jimmy Fund 


Make A Wish Foundation 

Habitat for Humanity 

 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


 Extras For Creative Reuse 

 W.J. Clinton Foundation



 National Resources Defense Council: E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs

 Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston

Friends of the Northshore Education Consortium



Sustainable Business Network

Sustainable Business Network

We are a member of The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston, an organization of business leaders committed to promoting high, ethical standards in business, a multiple-stakeholder business model, productive and fulfilling workplaces, and environmentally sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Business Leadership Program

Sustainable Business Leadership Program

We are a key partner in the Boston Sustainable Business Leader Program a technical assistance program to actively support small- and mid-sized Boston-based businesses in assessing and improving their environmental practices, implementing waste reduction strategies, and decreasing their carbon footprint.

A Better City

A Better City

We are a member of A Better City. ABC works to improve the economic competitiveness and quality of life of the Boston region by advancing significant transportation, land development and environmental policies, projects and initiatives.

Rear-Load Containers

95 Gallon – Wheeled Cart

Width 2’4″, Height 3’10”, Depth 2’11”
Will hold 95 gallons or 4 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.





2 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 3’10”
Will hold 400 gallons or 20 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






4 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 7’10”
Will hold 800 gallons or 40 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






6 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 10’11”
Will hold 1200 gallons or 60 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






8 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 13’10”
Will hold 1600 gallons or 80 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.


Front-Load Containers

 2 Yard Box 

2 yd box






4 Yard Box

4 yd box






4 Yard Slant


4 yd slant






6 Yard Box

6 yd box






6 Yard Slant

6 yd slant






8 Yard Box

8 yd box






8 Yard Slant

8 yd slant






10 Yard Slant

10 yd slant

Food Carts

68 Gallon – Wheeled Cart

Food Tote


96 Gallon – Wheeled Carts

Paper Tote


Comingle Tote

Open Top - Roll Offs

14 Yard

Roll off 14

20 Yard

Roll off 20

30 Yard

Roll off 30

40 Yard

Roll off 40




We install full-size & low-profile vertical balers.



Storage Trailers

Storage Trailer



Box Truck

Box Truck