VSA Massachusetts – Park(ing) Day Installation in Downtown Boston!

Parkolation The Parkolation Project is an educational program of VSA Massachusetts COOL Schools that provides opportunities for high school students to solve real world problems, creatively, by designing and building innovative public spaces such as parklets or mini parks.

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Every fall we participate in Park(ing) Day – an international day where people all over the world build temporary parklet installations to encourage society to think more imaginatively and sustainably about public space.



Parkolation 12



This year our Parkolation students had a blast using recycled materials from Save That Stuff to create an ephemeral parklet with an underwater theme. Why? to help raise awareness about the impact of global climate change on sea levels around the world, in particular the vulnerability of our coastal city.  In this photo, Andre is creating a bottle that depicts the city of Boston’s skyline. He later filled the vessel up with water. What a powerful message!



The folks at Save that Stuff were so generous — not only did they help load up our car, they also donated some oyster shells from The Massachusetts Oyster Project which the students put to creative use. Can you find the a PEARL?

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Parkolation 4









The students engaged artfully – through designing and building this temporary space – and civically – through brave conversations with passersby about climate change, rising tides and our hope to make a positive impact by building a sustainable parklet this school year.

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Wilhelmina Peragine, Teaching Artist, VSA