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The Life of Compost

The Life of Compost One of our customers recently wrote a blog post about our compost service that was based on […]

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The Cost of Recycling

  The Cost of Recycling: Who Should Pay, and How Can the Industry Evolve Most Effectively? Click the link below […]

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Local Food Trade Show: March 10th

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts Presents Local Specialty Crop Trade Show & Local Food Trade Show   Connecting Wholesale Buyers […]

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We are your ONE. STOP. SHOP.  

Save That Stuff, Inc. is a market leader in the waste industry. We provide comprehensive waste and recycling services.  And we do it while saving our customers TIME and MONEY. Want to find out how? Contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through what we can offer.

Phil Bannatyne

Phil Bannatyne

Owner / Cambridge Brewing Company

We started composting and recycling with Save That Stuff, Inc. in the early 2000s, when they were one of the only providers of composting services. They’ve been a great partner in helping us to implement our diversion programs, in spite of challenging space conditions. The company is close to Kendall Square, and they have been consistently responsive to our calls for service. We’ve diverted around 175,000lbs (88tons) of food waste with Save That Stuff, from 2011 until now. We feel it is important that a diversion-minded company that started as a recycling company work at One Kendall Square, and advance our overall diversion and management programs. The company has expanded to be able to divert many materials, and being a ‘one stop shop’ will likely benefit One Kendall.

John Adams

John Adams

Owner / Flat Top Johnny's

We recently started composting at One Kendall Square. Save That Stuff, Inc. works with a number of other tenants, and decided they were a company that 1) provided a service we wanted, and 2) was a local company with an environmentally-sound mission. In setting up our service, we found their account management personnel personable and responsive to our interest in starting up a composting program. Since we started with Save That Stuff at the end of June, we have already diverted 1,120lbs of food waste from the landfill. This has helped us reduce our trash pickups too.

Mary Vaughn

Mary Vaughn

Manager / The Blue Room

As a restaurant that produces a lot of food waste, we feel it is important to divert our compostable discards. Save That Stuff helped us set up a composting program more than four years ago. We were visionary and motivated to divert materials from the landfill, and Save That Stuff’s mission matched our own. Since 2011, we’ve diverted 153,000lbs (77tons) of food waste to local agricultural use. Composting can be hard to manage. Save That Stuff has been a good partner in responding to our needs, and being flexible to problem-solve issues as they arise. They helped “right size” our program, to keep our program cost efficient and re-think our materials management. We hope Save That Stuff can help all the food service providers divert in a more comprehensive and attentive way.

Luis De Jesus

Luis De Jesus

Supervisor of Environmental Services / Spaulding Hospital

I want [Save That Stuff] to know how much I appreciate you taking care of this pick up for me today. I know it was a last minute call but you came thru & I appreciate a company that I can count on when I’m in need of help especially ones who I can call at the last minute. With your help I was able to have my dock cleared & didn’t have to worry about breaking our policy rules of infection control. I will also like to thank you for your follow up. That meant a lot and its shows how important a client is for your company. I want to personally tell you how much I appreciated your drivers, Francisco & Ruis for the great service that they provided today. We all worked together & made it easy for all of us to continue in our busy schedule. I was personally impressed on the way this problem became a solution in minutes. Thank you for your service & let’s continue with the same motivation & attitude each day.

Servio Garcia

Servio Garcia

Owner and General Manager / Bergamot Restaurant

We put our names behind everything that we do, including this [composting] program…It takes more than anything a commitment. It is a compromise we make for society and mother Earth. I recommend [it] to everyone. Put it on your budget, and commit to it.

Chuck Drury

Chuck Drury

former Supervisory Contracting Officer / General Services Administration

In 2012, Save That Stuff, Inc. took over our comprehensive flat rate waste, recycling, and compost services for our five federal buildings: the Tip O’Neill, John McCormack, 5 Post Office Square, JFK Federal, 15 Sudbury Street, John F. Williams Coast Guard, and John J. Moakley Courthouse Buildings. Save That Stuff is a valued partner, and has implemented equipment upgrades, improved diversion rates, and comprehensive education and signage use. Save That Stuff Save That Stuff has provided prompt service repairs for equipment, including for recycling and trash compactors, and the addition of a deodorizing system at Moakley. In 2013, STS performed waste audits on all building trash compactors to identify recycling opportunities. STS led the GSA to increase our diversion rate by 5% in the first year of their contract, a result which reduced our carbon footprint by over 20 metric tons of carbon equivalent. Save That Stuff’s value is demonstrated through their engaged account management, and by providing additional diversion services, including pallet recycling, clean-outs, and construction and debris removal.

Dawn Quirk

Dawn Quirk

former Recycling Director / Tufts University

In 2013, Tufts awarded Save That Stuff, Inc. the bid to provide comprehensive trash and recycling management at the University. I am of the mindset that Tufts receives better programming and higher diversion successes by having a recycling company manage our trash. Save That Stuff demonstrates a corporate commitment to diversion. Most recently, Save That Stuff is working with Tufts to pilot the Enevo ONe technology for monitoring the fullness of a few of our dumpsters. This system will help Tufts realize cost savings by eliminating unnecessary pickups. At the outset of the contract, Save That Stuff conducted a detailed walk-through of the campus to determine all equipment and opportunities for right-sizing the campus’ services. Save That Stuff managed move-out in both 2013 and 2014, and was equipped to handle all move-out recycling and discard materials. Save That Stuff has performed waste audits with Tufts’ Tufts Recycles! interns to determine a feasible expanded collection program for organics from dorms.



We are here to help YOU run a successful waste management and recycling program at your facility.


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Save That Stuff, Inc. knows a lot about how to channel different kinds of waste in ways that reward the environment and reward those who recycle. We’re here to share that knowledge and help you put together a program that works philosophically, economically, and logistically. Whether you need to recycle cardboard, mixed paper, organics, or electronics, we’ll design an integrated program that you can live with, and one that ultimately gets us closer to our collective goal of achieving zero waste.

Our commitment to Zero Waste


People. Planet. Profit.

Save That Stuff, Inc. focuses on the triple bottom line with our waste management programs. With us, your business's waste and recycling program will benefit your bottom line, the environment, and people.

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Rear-Load Containers

95 Gallon – Wheeled Cart

Width 2’4″, Height 3’10”, Depth 2’11”
Will hold 95 gallons or 4 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.





2 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 3’10”
Will hold 400 gallons or 20 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






4 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 7’10”
Will hold 800 gallons or 40 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






6 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 10’11”
Will hold 1200 gallons or 60 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.






8 Cubic Yard Container

Width 6’6″, Height 4’2″, Depth 13’10”
Will hold 1600 gallons or 80 normally filled 30-gallon trash bags.


Front-Load Containers

 2 Yard Box 

2 yd box






4 Yard Box

4 yd box






4 Yard Slant


4 yd slant






6 Yard Box

6 yd box






6 Yard Slant

6 yd slant






8 Yard Box

8 yd box






8 Yard Slant

8 yd slant






10 Yard Slant

10 yd slant

Food Carts

68 Gallon – Wheeled Cart

Food Tote


96 Gallon – Wheeled Carts

Paper Tote


Comingle Tote

Open Top - Roll Offs

14 Yard

Roll off 14

20 Yard

Roll off 20

30 Yard

Roll off 30

40 Yard

Roll off 40




We install full-size & low-profile vertical balers.



Storage Trailers

Storage Trailer



Box Truck

Box Truck